Finding the Square Inches to Find the Cost

There are so many questions when it comes to longarm quilting.  One of them is very important because it determines how much you will be charged when you hire a quilter.  Square inches.  Many people are reluctant to use a longarm quilting service because they have heard it’s very expensive.  Now you can closely estimate the cost by knowing how to find your square inches and use the pricing information link to decide what type of quilting you can afford.

You find the square inches of your quilt by multiplying the length by the width.  For example, this quilt measures 45”x45”.  45×45= 2,025 sq in.  Now you can look at the pricing sheet to see what you want to pay for that quilt.  Say you would like a medium density quilting.  You would take the sq in of your quilt and multiply that by .025 (two and a half cents per square inch).   2,025 x .025= $50.62.  Now you can look at the pricing sheet at the other services and products I provide and decide what is in your budget.  Do you want to save some time and have me piece your binding together?  Do you want me to provide batting? With the detailed price sheet, you can really decide what you want to pay.


Here’s another example.  This quilt measures 48”x36”.  It is a baby quilt, so medium to high density may not be what I want for this quilt.  To find the low density price multiply 48×36= 1,728.  Then take 1,728x.017=29.37.  That is less than the minimum quilting charge of $40, so this quilt will cost $40.  However, if you have a second small quilt that you would like done with the same backing, they can both be loaded at the same time and count as one quilt.  Say your second quilt is identical to the first.  Now you are looking at 3,456 sq in.  3,456x.017= $58.75. You are over the minimum quilt charge and are saving $21.25 by having them done together.  This only works when the quilts are small and you use one backing for both quilts.  If you wanted this quilt as a wall hanging and want simple custom quilting, you will take 1,728x.035= $60.48.


I hope this helps.  There should be no surprises when it comes to the expense of having your hard work professionally quilted.

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