It’s been a whirlwind

It has been four months since my business has been in full swing.  I have been getting multiple quilts weekly and the experiences I’m having are invaluable.  I am meeting so many nice women.  I’m making new quilty friends. I am getting to quilt some beautiful quilt tops.  I am so grateful that so many women have given me a chance and have trusted me to quilt for them.  I learn so much with every quilt.  I have made some mistakes and am grateful for the grace that my customers have extended to me when that has happens. Thank you everyone who has let me quilt for them, it is so much fun!

At this time of year, most people make resolutions.  Those rarely last past the first quarter of the year.  Today in my local women’s business group, I presented the topic of goal setting and why it’s so important.  I used to hate setting goals because they made me feel like a failure when I didn’t achieve them.  The truth was I actually didn’t know how to set achievable goals.  A few years ago I was taking a college class and one of the units was on setting SMART goals.  Smart stands for: Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timebound.  When I decided to start my business, I knew that I had to set goals for myself to get things started, and to get to a place where I felt comfortable finding customers.  It took over a year to overcome my fear and force myself to get out and sell my services, but because of goals I had set for myself, I set my path to get me there.

This Tuesday I have the opportunity to go to Christy Wright’s Business Boutique 1-Day event.  I am really looking forward to learn more about how to help my business grow and feel inspired by the energy that Christy has for women business owners.

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